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  • Miami Educational Article of the Month - How to use a one way funnel to get squirrels out of a building

How to use a one way funnel to get squirrels out of a building

How to use a one way funnel to get squirrels out of a building

Squirrels in your Miami attic are noisy, destructive, and dangerous. Getting rid of them is difficult because most methods of rodent control don’t work on Florida squirrels. They ignore live traps, poison is usually ineffective and they aren’t overly bothered by light and sound. The one way funnel or exclusion trap is the perfect solution for ridding any building of squirrels. They are easily hidden from the squirrel because they appeal to its natural curiosity by appearing to be a crawlspace. They use the existing hole made by the Miami squirrel as the entrance to the trap so they do not alert the animal to danger. They require no bait, poison, or special tools to operate. Either one of these styles can be easily made with a few inexpensive materials such as ¼ inch hardware cloth and wood screws. The whole thing is ready to install in just a few minutes.

Attaching it to the building usually requires just a small number of screws and installation is quick. The one way funnel is ¼ hardware wire rolled into the shaped of a funnel. It is attached to the outside of the building with the wide opening covering the original hole that the squirrel made to access the building. The narrow end is just big enough for the creature to escape the funnel, but the small funnel end closes down when the squirrel exits leaving a hole too small for re- entry. When the Florida squirrel returns it realizes too late that it can’t get back in. The exclusion funnel door or tube works on the same principal.

A square door hinged one way is placed on the Miami squirrels’ hole. When the squirrel exits the attic to feed it leaves through its normal exit. This takes it through an easily moved one way door leading to a wire cage. The cage has no other exit and when the Florida squirrel tries to back track it finds the door unmovable. Using these types of traps requires diligence. The trap needs to be placed while you are sure the squirrels are in the building. Knowing when the squirrels are gone is also important. Once you know they are gone and you have checked for a nest you can finish the job. After the vermin are gone for good clean-up is just a few simple steps. Carefully remove the traps, save them to use again. With the traps removed, the hole can now be sealed and repaired. Once this is done you can clean and clear debris and feces from the Miami attic area without worry of re infestation any time soon.

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