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  • Miami Educational Article of the Month - Bats are wonderful creatures that have many beneficial qualities

Bats are wonderful creatures that have many beneficial qualities

Bats are wonderful creatures that have many beneficial qualities

Bats are wonderful creatures that have many beneficial qualities. They can be a fun to watch and are natural Florida pest control. A cloud of bats can consume tons of insects including mosquitoes, and are the only flying animal in existence. There are as many as 1200 different types of Florida bats, and they all have their own unique qualities. One of the most interesting facts about bats is their form of communication. Bats are in a small group of mammals, humans included that communicate through a variety of sounds, including singing. Most all bats “talk” through a series of chirps, screeches, and songs typically through ultrasound, a frequency too to be heard by the human ear. This helps them with echolocation, their form of navigation. Some types of Miami bats have been known to trill and warble at a frequency that can be heard by humans.

The Mexican free tailed bat often like a song bird at night while flying. Pipistrellus nathusii uses a beautiful song full of trills and coos at home and while flying to attract females and ward off aggressors. The male Nyctinomops laticaudatus croons a tune to tell everyone he’s in the nest. Many male bats have complicated calls consisting of 15-20 syllables per call, and every male has its own distinctive style. Each Miami bat’s pattern of courtship songs is similar in nature, but each male bat uses a different pattern native to its distinctive song. Bats also use their sophisticated vocal communication to mark their territory, show dominance, scare off intruders, teach offspring and identify each other.

A Florida bats vocalizations also differentiate between the sexes. Same sex bats communication through simple common tones, but when talking to the opposite sex it is a completely different sound. Males and females can not only tell each apart, but the difference is so great that humans can too! Most males use a shorter high-pitched sound when attracting females. No one knows for sure, but it is thought that they might be mimicking the sound made by babies just to get her in the mood.

Scientists have studied Florida bats vocalizations for years in hope of understanding these complex creatures. There is a school of thought that believes that their use of echolocation can be applied to our everyday uses such as aviation, medicine and robotics. Science has discovered that a bat’s brain seems to have a higher vocal center that allows them to organize these complex vocal patterns and this could even lead to a greater understanding of human speech patterns. Studies of this nature could eventually aid researchers in understanding human speech disorders. Bats are a wonder of nature and we have much to learn from them!

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